Friday 22 May 2020



It's heart-wrenching to see migrant’s laborers moving towards their villages their kids walking on scorching roads for never ending miles. Are we not ashamed of it? After all who are they? Are they not human beings? Are they not the ones who made our lives comfortable? Is it not reminding us the laborers who made Taj Mahal and later on were maimed by the emperor as he did not want another replica to be made elsewhere.

Who should be responsible for the plight of our migrant laborers? I think this is high time when we should put on our thinking caps and plan a better life for them, so that they can face such challenges in future in more dignified ways.

This is the time when the civil society should come forward and form a co-operative which should do work for them only, after all when we can launch One Nation and One Ration Card why they are prevented from the benefits in States other than where they made the Ration Card? At the time of financial crisis why these type of rules which restrict entry of one individual to another State. Do they not belong to a Nation called India? This is the time of financial crisis and rules can be very easily amended keeping in mind the need of the times and convenience of the laborers so that they can avail the facilities wherever they may move in search of livelihood. 

Most of the labourers stay in slum areas as they are more affordable and it is difficult for them to maintain social distancing. A perfect example is of Dharavi, Mumbai. Families of five or six were living in a small area, how the concept of social distancing could be applied there? How could we except people for whom earning daily wage is of paramount importance for getting food everyday to practice social-distancing, washing hands or using sanitizers? For people who face water scarcity even for their basic needs can we imagine the luxury of washing their hands every now and then?


No doubt Government is doing their best efforts to make the people of India aware about the dangers of the disease for stopping the spread of the disease. These measures are taken through electronic, print media, social media, etc. all the prominent people from every field whether it is sports person or movie stars, singers, artists are through TV channels advertising day and night about the measures required to be taken for Covid- 19.

All the NGO's, Religious groups, Social workers are doing their best to provide food but this is not enough, now the need of the hour is that we should make efforts to build a structure for the poor people, particularly the migrant laborers so that in future if our Country has to face this type of a crisis, a better management strategy could be in place. After all they are the one who come out of their houses to vote in maximum numbers and give chance to Political Parties to form the Government.

Is the importance of their life is for one vote only? All the efforts should be put together to make the entire public aware of their responsibilities and duties. I conclude by saying as we stay home in comfort during the Corona Virus lockdown, it's time we spare a thought about how we can make a better India for our laborers and give them dignity to live and this should be the prime duty of those who are leading a life blessed by God. We can do it with a strong will and show it to the world what a determination Nation can do under such trying times. As Gandhiji used to say "When you plan something you should look at the poorest people" if we follow this, then certainly the life of the laborers in our Country will change.

Saturday 9 May 2020



Lockdown has led to multiple problems, among others one of the most important problems is of Mental Health. This problem is not visible, much, at present but is leading to an increase in mental health problems. One of the most visible effects is loneliness, among others, which is creating an atmosphere of fear, conflict, and illusion, and resulting into a mind body conflict problem.
Mental and Physical health have lot in common, both benefit from Nutrition and Physical Exercises. These are the basics for maintenance of both –

A Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body.

As we take care of our body and try to look beautiful by adopting many methods, same way we need to take care of our MIND (Brain) also because it sets the thinking faculties including cognitive aspects such as consciousness, imagination, emotions, perception, thinking, judgment, etc.


Here are some ways to keep your M.I.N.D healthy. Here is how I see it:


Mental fitness means keeping your brain and emotional health in tip-top shape. It is a personal framework for understanding what we can do, as individuals, to build a happier and more productive life.

Stuck indoors, worried about an uncertain future, concerned for your family or friends the pandemic is a stressful situation for anyone to contend with. Lockdown is to some extent leading towards loneliness.

To combat this loneliness we need to maintain a moment by moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, take time to relax and focus on the present.

  • · Read and learn new things, one should never retire mentally. Learning new things keep our brain fit and healthy. Do things you enjoy: If you can’t do the things you normally enjoy because you are staying at home, try to think about how you could adapt them, or try something new. There are lots of free tutorials and courses online.

· Think about your new daily routine: Think about how you can adapt and create positive new routines – try to engage in useful activities (such as cleaning, cooking or exercise) or meaningful activities (such as reading or calling a friend, relatives).

· Plan new goals: Setting goals and achieving them gives a sense of control and purpose – think about things you want or need to do that you can still do at home.

·  Keep your mind active: Read, write, play games, do Crossword puzzles, Sudoku's, Jigsaws or Drawing and Painting. Find something that works for you.

 I – IMMUNITY. Develop IMMUNITY as it’s one of the crucial shields against Covid-19. The brain, like any other organ, needs the right nutrients to function well. Research reports suggest that patients with good immunity levels are able to fight the infection better. A healthful, balanced diet plays a vital role in staying well. There are many sources of foods that are known as immunity boosters such as Blueberries, Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, fish oil or supplements, Spinach,  Broccoli, Sweet potatoes, Sunflower seeds  etc.


"There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”  -William Shakespeare

Negative thoughts is the voice in our head, mind is directed by us.
These repetitive thoughts that focus on the negative often called Automatic Negative Thoughts. (ANT)
e.g.: Traffic is horrible; I will never make it on time.  

Your thoughts, thinking can make you sick or healthy. So, how to train your brain? Much like any other muscle in the body, our brain is a muscle, and it can be trained. HOW?

·        Become aware of your thoughts, feelings. Some feelings are so common that they go unnoticed. To break the cycle of negative thoughts one needs to become aware that we are doing it. Journal or write down your thoughts.

·        Challenge your thoughts. Ask yourself:
1. Is there any evidence against my thought?
2. Am I worrying about something that I can’t control?
3. Is this thought causing me stress?
4. Will these thoughts matter to me in a month or six months?
 From now?

·        Visualize positive: Visualize positive situation instead: our brain doesn’t know what reality is and what’s imaginary.

·        Declare Positivity : when negative thought come up , say aloud in mind STOP, It’s not true
      Remember, we poison our own minds!


Take some time each day to write or think about the things you’re grateful for, like family, friends, pets, food, shelter, health, or the beauty of nature. Be kind to everyone. This includes YOU

As "healthy mind is a happy mind" don't ever forget the importance of a healthy laugh, hence "LAUGH OFTEN", make happiness your attitude - If you take life too seriously, you're going to miss out on a whole lot of good times. Do learn from the past, but don't let it destroy you. Make your own well-being a priority: eat well, stay active, sleep and nurture healthy mind.  A healthy body helps you to grow independently with a peaceful, healthy and positive mind.

Thus, we need to be mentally strong for the coming times.

Saturday 2 May 2020



Ever since the outbreak of the COVID - 19 we get to hear advises like washing hands for 20 seconds, wearing masks and gloves etc. But one word that has become the most commonly heard is "Social distancing" which incidentally also is the most misconstrued word.

Most of the people are interpreting that it means “Not Socializing”. However, it is not so. Need of the time is to help each other by creating a feeling of co-operation and not of isolation. We do not understand how and when Social Distancing has become synonymous with "Socially boycotting" people who are infected.

It is the result of this misunderstanding that the unfortunate people who fall victims to COVID - 19 are being vilified, we must come up with an easy to understand word from the local lingo like maintaining ”Ucchit Doori" (reasonable distance) because the most common cause of the spread is physical contact with an infected person. 

At present there is a fear in an atmosphere and we should try to create an atmosphere of hope. Hope is the only feeling that overcomes fear and helps them in maintaining psychological balance. Things will happen, you cannot stop them for happening, but you can control your reaction from making things worse.

Sometimes the world needs a crisis: Crisis brings new opportunities, new openings. Instead of panic, one needs to prepare them for the future and turn challenges into opportunities

As a psychologist, I observe a big challenge emerging for which we should get ready to cope with and for that we need to start communication with the people who are under great stress at present. We will have to make the people explain that social distancing is not to cure COVID 19. These are precautions taken to slow it down so that our health care system should not get cracked down.

It is normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry during a crisis. Talking to people you trust can help.

First, we need to identify the causes of stress. It could be -
  • Being afraid of disease
  • Not getting enough food to eat
  • Uncertainty about future
  • Don’t have money to survive
  • Stress about their old lifestyle
  •  Job insecurity and like wise
As we are working towards eradication of COVID 19, similarly, we should also think to work out a strategy for this upcoming problem and for this we need to talk to different section of the society as every section of the society has different form of stress.

Friday 24 April 2020



The most unfortunate outcome of COVID 19 , is that the behavior of the society, towards those who tested positive and treated well is not desirable.
The COVID -19 has caused so much anxiety that people have begun to distance themselves. Families and friends of identified patients are also being stigmatized by society.
It has been observed social distancing as one prominent result of stigma. The public seeks to avoid those with a stigmatizing label, in order to escape the risk of associating with the tainted identity. People are being disrespected and discriminated against because of COVID -19 and it is wrong.

As a psychologist, I believe-

This kind of stigma is  harming  people with COVID -19 in three ways.

First is self-sigma: the disrespect that results when people associated with the virus internalize stereotypes and feel tainted.

Second is stigma given by society, harm that results when people endorse stereotypes about individuals with COVID -19 (“they’re tainted") .

Third is what has been labeled "Avoidance". For example: Hey look, that’s Amit and he had Coronavirus. Because of label avoidance, they will choose not to be tested or will not isolate.

Many people have thinking that people who are infected with a disease may have done something wrong to deserve it. We have to understand that people have contracted the disease just by chance and not by doing anything wrong. On the one hand people involved in the fight to control of the disease like the Doctors, the Nurses, the Policemen the Safai Karamcharis and others are being hailed as "Corona Fighters" why can't we call those who have contracted but defeated COVID -19 as "Corona Champions" instead of stigmatizing them and discriminating against them, they deserve empathy rather than hatred, just for a brief moment try and step into their shoes and imagine your mental state. Some people have even begun to boycott Doctors and Nurses fearing that they might carry the virus and spread it to others, this is most unfortunate. Don’t let intensity of Fear of COVID -19 turn into Stigma.

Stigma harms the mental and physical health of people with disease, and the morale of those fighting to nurse the ailing back to good health. This stigma can take the forms of social rejection, gossip, physical violence, and denial of services.
We should also talk openly about the mental health struggles we are all facing — sharing our views, talking with others about stressors including stigma can promote positive mental well-being.

Now, these Corona Champions are Hereos. They are the heroes as they have not only successfully defeated the disease but can also help treat those critically affected by the VIRUS.
We must not attach STIGMA and must remember who the enemy it’s the VIRUS and not people with COVID -19 or affected by COVID -19.